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Some others who used our Executive Search service are: Projects Abroad, Vodafone, VMG Media JSC, Total Building Systems TBS, TCF Tokyo Consulting firm, etc.

Executive Search

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We hunt high and low for the right employees for your company.

We are one of the most trustworthy headhunters with effective executive search service for large international and local firms such as WorldQuant, VDIC, Bitexco, VEF, etc.

Based on our recruiting experience, we must possess a database figuring the top 20% talented candidates of each sector in order to fulfill our employers' recruitment needs. Therefore, when you use Executive Search service of MDC, you also have an opportunity to be aware of the most talented candidates in your professional field. In addition, with the recruiting slogan "Connecting the right people", we ensure the mutual suitability of our employers and employees by providing both sides with detailed information and in-depth understanding about each other. As a headhunter, we understand that filling a vacant position with a wrong candidate will incur frustration for your firm and cause loss of time, money, project delays, etc.

Our candidates are trustworthy and savvy. The candidates referred to you are individuals who pass our resume screening, professional interviews and reference checks.

The quality of MDC Executive Search service has been proven by the fact that several of our successful candidates have stayed and contributed to the client for more than three years.