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Some others who used our Executive Search service are: Projects Abroad, Vodafone, VMG Media JSC, Total Building Systems TBS, TCF Tokyo Consulting firm, etc.

Payroll & Staffing Contract

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Payroll management can be a burden for any business, especially for big ones. We share the burden with our clients by offering a comprehensive payroll management package which helps save both cost and time for the clients. Our customized software tools ensure the accuracy, consistency, and confidentiality in managing the clients' payroll.

As you may know that completing the following tasks properly is time consuming and require skilled and experienced personnel?

Set up works for current and new employees include:

  • Arrangement for employees' data in our payroll management system
  • Registration, application and obtaining for personal tax codes with the relevant authorities
  • Registration and application the employees for Social Insurance (SI), Health Insurance (HI), and Unemployment Insurance (UI) with the relevant authorities and obtaining SI, HI cards;
  • Labor registration and obtaining labor books if required;
  • Preparation labor contracts for employees.

Monthly works include:

  • Maintenance of employee management, payroll, income details and other information on behalf of your firm/organization;
  • Preparation of the monthly payroll calculation for payment and pay-slip for the employees;
  • Preparation and submission of the personal income tax (PIT) to the relevant authorities;
  • Preparation and submission of Social insurance (SI), Health insurance (HI) and Unemployment insurance (UI) contribution reports to the relevant authorities;
  • Preparation and submission of labor movement reports to the relevant authority if required;
  • Payment for net take-home salary, merit award, allowances, etc. to employees, PIT to State Treasury, SI, HI and UI to Social Security Fund;
  • Attendance to the processing of social insurance claims in case of sick leave, maternity leave, etc;
  • Preparing final payment such as salary, bonus, incentive, untaken annual leave, reconciliation PIT, etc. when employees resign;
  • Processing the closure of SI books and collecting HI cards when required;
  • Yearly personal income tax finalization with the relevant authorities.

Besides Executive Search service, MDC is always ready to help you do all of above Payroll tasks with effective costs.