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Because your resume is your own image which can give your potential employer a great feeling about yourself which will make the employer want to meet you in person. A well-written resume can guarantee you an interview and create respect from an employer toward you.

Having worked in Executive Search and Selection session intensively in few years, we understand that in addition to daily documents to be read, an employer/recruiter has to read a lot of resumes for each job opening and even many more if he/she has more job openings. He/She may immediately put your resume aside to read it later or even ignore it. Not only that, he/she will think that you are not a good writer which also means that you don't possess good communication skill. So what now? There are a few solutions which you can use. You can either use the following tips written by resume writing experts or simply let us - one of the most trustworthy headhunting firms in Vietnam, give you a hand. When we help you write a good resume, we could help you assess your qualifications on your own by asking you questions based on a job description of a vacant post that you apply for.


In addition to very powerful verbiage and eye-catching design, there are a few resume basics that must be followed to generate employer attention. While these are not the only practices that apply, they are general enough to help ensure that you're on the right track.

Presentation: Read everything you write aloud because your ears will hear the mistakes. There should be no typos, misspellings or grammatical mistakes. Take the extra step by printing your resume on quality bond paper to give it substance. The reader will read more easily, enjoy reading it and appreciate the person who provided it.

Focus: Executive Search Specilists or Recruitment Consultants have to read many resumes every day, it's important that your resume focuses on relevant experiences, skills and accomplishments that relate to the industry you wish to pursue.

Experience: Listing your experience is a given, but take your experience to the next level by adding accomplishments to your daily duties. Example, if one of your responsibilities is "customer service," provides the results of particular customer service activities using action-oriented statements.

Information: Limit your information to professional relevance only. Do not need to mention why you left your other positions, and NEVER mention salary information on a resume. As a headhunter, we just skim to read important information such as your professional experience and achievements.

Education: Provide the name and location of the school and type of degree/major. High school is not necessary, but internships may be helpful if relevant. Don't forget to include any professional development activities such as seminars or specialized training. If you've been in the workforce for 5 years or more, the actual date is not necessary, nor is your GPA...your experience is what matters at this point in your career.

Page Length: Don't worry about length as long as the information provides VALUE to the reader (not fluff), is relevant to your career goal and you have at least 5 years of experience under your belt. Naturally, you don't need to write long if you have a 25-year career, so focus on the most recent 10-12 years or so.

Project List: If you have any sort of project list or portfolio of your work, feel free to add it as an attachment. These additional Materials always help to evaluate your skill level and qualifications.

References: Provide a few referees' names and contact information for the employer's easy check.

If you need professional advice, MDC Executive Search Specialist is always here to help you. Just send us your current resume to:

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Or give us a call to +84 4 6294 7259.